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                       "Leaders are not born; they are grown." 

                                                Peter Drucker
We all are leaders in some capacity - whether at work, in a volunteer organization, or as a parent.  So there is no escaping the title of Leader.   The question is this...how are others following you?  Is it because of the position/title you hold, or because of what and who are?  You see both are considered Leadership, the first example is stale, requires more work, does not expand and usually accomplishes little.  The second example is more effective and has the potential to grow, expand and accomplish great things. 

The subject of Leadership can be confusing and expansive as a simple Google search on the topic produces literally over 800,000 resources, titles and websites. 

However, Leadership is not confusing nor expansive.  It is a science as well as art with certain principles, traits and skills that can be taught and learned by anyone. 

How important is Leadership...your Leadership? 

Everything rises or falls on Leadership.

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