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Strategic objectives, leadership, management, deadlines, revenue targets, client relations and market share are some of the challenges most Executives and Professionals encounter every business day.  The Executive/Professional Coaching process moves you from your current state to the desired state by helping you crystallize your outcome, project your vision, eliminate any barriers and design an action plan to drive results. 

Obstacles are a natural part of life.  The problem arises when these remain or becomes a pattern that keeps you from your desired outcome.  The Individual/Life Coaching process discovers the source of the obstacle and then helps your discover your own internal resources so you can Surge through to where you want to be.

"Your coaching helped me crystallize my goals and develop an action plan.  I have secured a new position with a 24% increase in pay and the direction of my life is in line with my core values.  I am much happier, calmer, and focused than I have ever been before."
                                                                       Stacey Pugh
"I've always dreamt about having my own business but didn't have any idea how to begin.  I turned to Dave and he worked with me to break the process to actionable steps while working with me through all the mind junk that I would experience from time to time.  With Dave's help I was able to get my dream business up and running in record time.
                                                                       Christine Thomas    

"Our coaching relationship was truly beneficial and gave me some tools to help me change my perspective on how I saw my problems. Once I was able to change my perspective, I was able to manage the issues in my life better."
                                                                      Carlton Barnwell


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